Celine Kayal

PhD Student: Jan 2016 - current

Academic Background

In 2011 Céline joined the engineering school ECE-Paris in France to study the basics in engineering combining Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics. In the two last years of a five years program, she decided to specialise in Engineering for health to be able to answer questions to improve healthy people and patients’ quality of life.

In 2013, she undertook a project co-supervised by Prof. Michel Goldmann and Dr Rana Farha in Physical chemistry of functional surfaces unit of Institute of Nanosciences (Paris) to determinate the properties of a molecule called Phytantriol and hybrid monolayer Lipid/Sicila using Langmuir film. Thanks to the team and to this project she developed a real interest for research.

In 2014, to further develop her interest in research applying biomedical engineering concepts to answer clinical needs, she decided to specialise in Engineering for health. Here she undertook a project supervised by Dr Pierre Daye in Control normal and abnormal movements unit of Institute of Brain and Spinal Cord. Using her engineering background, she developed an experimental protocol to study the evolution of saccadic adaptation due to a constant shift of a moving target and presented her results at the Society for Neuroscience Congress in Washington.

In 2015, she develop an internship project that combined in vitro experimentation with mathematical modelling to understand the response of growing nerves to mechanical and chemical gradient in vitro under the co-supervision of Drs Rebecca Shipley (UCL Mechanical Engineering) and James Phillips (UCL Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering). This project is now extended to a PhD : “Spatial Control of Physical and Chemical Factors: a New Design Rationale for Tissue- Engineered Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Repair”.

Céline is funded through a UCL Mechanical Engineering Studentship and Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Prize.


  • MSc Engineering for Health ; First class, University Pierre and Marie Curie Paris-VI- France (2015)
  • Diplôme D’ingénieur, ECE-Paris, France (2015)

Conference Proceedings

  • Presentation for ECE-Paris and UPMC Paris-6, September 2015 Title : ‘Mathematical modeling of nerve growth in an engineered conduit with different chemical (Neurotrophic) and physical (collagen architecture) factors’ (grade: 20/20)
  • B. Dautzenberg, A. Scheck, C. Kayal, M. D. Dautzenberg (2015). Assessment of throat-hit and desire to switch from tobacco to e-cigarette during blind test of e-liquid and e-cigarette. European Respiratory Journal 46.suppl 59 (2015): OA280.
  • C. Kayal, B. Gaymard and P. M. Daye (2014). Sensitivity of catch-up saccades kinematics to repeated unperceived changes of target velocity. Society for Neuroscience, Washington DC, USA.
  • Poster presentation at the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) conference in University College London (July 2016) Title: “ Effect of collagen concentration gradients on neurite elongation”, C. Kayal, R.J. Shipley, J. Phillips



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