Hannah West

PhD Student: Sep 2017 - current

Academic Background

In 2011, Hannah joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton as an Undergraduate studying Physics. Developing an interest in the theoretical side of physics and being introduced to computing, Hannah undertook her Bachelors project studying dark matter candidates and detection methods. She progressed this further for her Masters project, which investigated if the high energy neutrino directions at the Icecube Detector were signals of dark matter decays. Alongside this she studied a range of modules from medical physics to cosmology.

At the end of her second year of University, having developed an interest in medical physics, Hannah completed a three-month internship at a digital health start up to help build their online platforms. Then, at the end of her third year she chose an internship modelling SAR satellite results to further her computational skills, leading to her winning the SEPnet poster prize.

Upon graduating from University Hannah joined a medium sized IT consultancy to work as a software developer which covered many areas, including working in the pharmaceutical industry. After this, Hannah joined UCL on a four year CDT programme in medical imaging, to use her skills and experiences to contribute to the enhancement of therapeutics within the field of oncology. She completed the MRes of the CDT in 2017 under the supervision of Dr Rebecca SHipley looking at matheamtical models of glycolysis, hypoxia and oxygenation in tumours. Hannah is now undertaking her PhD in Dr SHipley’s group, modelling the ablative effects of HIFU treatment using data on real tumours acquired using HREM and MRI. .

Hannah is funded through the UCL CDT in Medical Imaging


  • MPhys Physics and Astronomy (2015)
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