Kin Quan

PhD Student: Sep 2015 - current

Academic Background

In 2010, Kin became an undergraduate at University College London studying mathematics. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Kin developed an interest towards applied mathematics in general and the use of pure mathematics in applied problems. In the fourth year, Kin’s project was on using ray theory in high frequency wave scattering under the supervision Prof. V Smyshlyaev.

In 2014, Kin joined the Centre for Medical Image Computing at University College London studying medical and biomedical imaging. Kin undertook a research project under the technical supervision of Prof. D Hawkes and the clinical supervision of Dr. J Hurst. The project concerns bronchiectasis, defined as the irreversible damage and dilation to the airway from bacterial infection. Kin investigated how the shape of the airways from HRCT scans relate to the disease.

In 2015, Kin continued with the research project as a PhD student with further supervisions from Dr R Shipley and Dr V Vavourakis. Kin hopes to use image processing of HRCT scans with clinical data in order to simulate the distribution of inhaled drugs in the airway tree.

Kin is funded through the UCL EPSRC CDT in Medical Imaging.


  • MRes Medical and Biomedical Imaging, University College London (2015)
  • MSci Mathematics, University College London (2014)


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