Paul Sweeney

Rosetrees Postdoctoral Fellow: Sep 2017 - current

Academic Background

In 2009, Paul joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southampton as an Undergraduate studying Mathematics. Developing an interest in Applied Mathematics, in his final year, he chose to undertake a research project modelling tear film dynamics under the supervision of Prof. Colin Please.

In 2012, to further develop his interest in Fluid Dynamics, Paul began his MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. Here he undertook a project, supervised by Prof. Ruban Anatoly, concerning high Reynolds number laminar flow past a slender body of revolution. The mathematics involved applying asymptotic techniques to derive self-similar solutions for the boundary layer and further study of the resultant shock wave.

In 2013, Paul joined the Healthcare Engineering for an Ageing Population (HEAP) research group in UCL Mechanical Engineering, for a four-year DTP under the supervision of Dr Rebecca Shipley. His first year research project looked at implementing mathematical models to identify the affects of ischaemic stroke when simulating blood perfusion and oxygenation in microvascular networks in the brain. His subsequent PhD years involved developing computational models to predict blood and interstitial flows and oxygen distribution in tissues including cancers and the brain. This was done by working closely with medical imagers to acquire high-resolution optical images of tissue micro-architecture.

In October 2017, Paul started work as a Rosetrees Fellow on a project to predict and inform the use of immunotherapy to treat pancreatic tumours.


  • MRes Mathematical Modelling (HEAP). University College London (2014)
  • MSc Applied Mathematics, Imperial College London (2013)
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics, University of Southampton (2012)


  • C. F. Graham, S. Windsor, A. Adjuk, P. Sweeney, I. Tagbo, T. Trinh, D. Kalsi, M. Zernicka-Goetz, R. J. Shipley, K. Swann, A. Thomas, 2016. Zygote Dynamics. Submitted to Developmental Dynamics.

Conference Proceedings

  • P. Sweeney, S. Walker-Samuel, R. J. Shipley (2014). Mathematical modelling of blood perfusion and oxygenation in microvascular networks with applications in stroke research. In: International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue Annual Conference, 28th June to 3rd July 2014, London.
  • P. Sweeney, S. Walker-Samuel, R. J. Shipley (2016). 3-Dimensional Discrete-Continuum Modelling of Microcirculatory Blood Flow. In: European Conference on Mathematical & Theoretical Biology, 11th to 15th July 2016, University of Nottingham.


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